Daanen & Janssen, Inc. produces a large variety of crushed and screened dolomitic-limestone products.  These products are produced to local municipal and Wisconsin Department of Transportation specifications.  Products are primarily utilized in road, utility and building construction.  These products consist of Breaker Run, Crushed Aggregate Dense Base Course and Screened Aggregate. 

Breaker Run

  • Material typically has a top size of 5 inches.
  • Provides increased load bearing capacity on soft subgrades or heavy traffic areas.
  • Less costly alternative for deeper fill in undercut areas.

Crushed Aggregate Dense Base Course

  • Provides a structural base for asphalt and concrete pavement.
  • Provides improved load bearing capacity and stability to unpaved areas such as driveways and parking lots.
  • Available in a variety of specifications to facilitate project conditions.

Screened Aggregate

  • Provides structural support in areas requiring increased water drainage commonly used for utility bedding, backfill for retaining walls and base for concrete slabs.
  • Primary component of concrete.