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Delivery of aggregates and contract hauling services.  Daanen and Janssen Inc. provides delivery of materials with Quad axle dump units. Our services also include contract hauling of materials. Units are permitted to haul contaminated materials for disposal in registered landfills.  Our water trucks are available to assist with dust control issues, pavement cleaning and delivery of water for ponds and pools. Trucks are equipped with pressurized nozzles for flushing of pavements, dribble bars for non pressurized applications and water cannons for spraying stockpiles and areas with limited access.

Crushing Services: 
Daanen and Janssen Inc. has portable crushing spreads, designed to process materials to your specifications in quarry, gravel or recycled concrete and asphalt applications. Our 85+ years of industry experience allows you to choose our services with confidence.  Portable crushing plants for hard rock, gravel and recycling applications.

Clean Fill Dumping: 
Daanen and Janssen Inc. will accept clean fill materials at our D&J Quarry in Glenmore.

Acceptable material includes:

  • Clean soil
  • Brick
  • Building stone
  • Concrete & concrete pipe
  • Reinforced concrete (rebar shall be substantially encased in concrete)
  • Broken pavement
  • Unpainted or untreated wood (includes stumps, brush and sawmill waste)

We will also accept clean concrete at our Ebbens quarry in Hobart and at the Scray Quarry in Glenmore. Material containing rebar must have unencapsulated rebar trimmed.

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